Winners 2020

1° – voltWALL
VoltWALL has developed xBlade, a module at the base of all its products that offer flexible solutions for solar energy storage. VoltWALL is a modular ESS, connected to the network and based on lithium cells, which guarantees lightness and ease of maintenance. It also offers a modular system that allows customers to increase kWh according to their needs.

2° – Finar Module Tech
Finar Module Tech has patented a new technology for LED lamp for public lighting in the US, EU and China, which allows energy savings of about 20% compared to current LEDs on the market and costs less. The innovative technology is being tested with OSRAM and Henkel, world leaders in these areas.

3° – 4Devices Medical
This project aims to improve the surgical care of children with hydrocephalus, thus reducing their suffering. The invention consists of a 4D stent which, introduced into a hole at the base of the brain using a minimally invasive endoscopic technique, allows the hole to remain open over time. The stent has a 4th dimension because it changes over time from one shape to another, thanks to the capacity of the shape memory material. 4Devices Medical has patented a new technology to use shape memory materials in 3D printing, in order to obtain high resolution and complex geometries in products.

4° – WYTH
Through its virtual platforms, it helps people feel connected regardless of where they are, creating environments that combine physical and digital and capable of connecting more than 1 million people and offering interactivity to a single integrated community. It is the system for creating digital and hybrid places that respond to the need for current change.

5° – UNIVERSUS-OS (+audience prize)
Universus OS represents a revolution in the field of security: it is a single Operating System, designed for the identification, verification and analysis in real time of the simultaneous compliance with all legal obligations and rules for security. By digitally mapping any work environment in 3D, you can make the objects inside it more intelligent and therefore interconnected. In this way, when certain rules are lost, Universus OS prevents the event, like a virtual “protective shield” around the worker, allowing him to continue.

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