Winners 2019

Firefighters, medical services, civil protection and other public services, unfortunately, still work supported by old standards. Alarms are sent manually by phone, vital information is processed with pen and paper and rescue operations are managed through long chains of command. Orchestra is a platform that helps optimize work flows in emergency situations, in daily operations, and their understanding of the territory, allowing you to save time and improve their effectiveness. Rapid alarm, targeted information transfer, efficient management of activities and planning of the use of resources are just some of the key functions developed in close collaboration with the leaders of these organizations.


2° – LocalPoint
LocalPoint is a company that has developed a platform with which it is possible to extract and classify data automatically from a PDF. This platform is now used by several local newspapers in Switzerland, to publish the paper version of the newspaper in digital format so that reeds can be used on other devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The solution uses artificial intelligence to automatically extract data from a PDF.


3° – MANO
MANO is a wireless, rechargeable, light, easy and quick to use, transportable, low consumption, ecological glove. An innovative ironing system that goes beyond the limits of traditional iron and which, with a quick and easy ironing technique, promotes a philosophy of quality of life in harmony with the rhythms of our times.


4° – Qikle

Qikle is a free app (e-wallet) that allows you to pay online and offline, quickly and safely. Just connect it to your bank account and photograph a QR code. Qikle carries out transactions based on a recently introduced European regulation. This regulation allows third parties to initiate payments using the existing banking infrastructure. Being connected to the (web) shop cart, Qikle creates a standardized and specific digital receipt for each payment provider. The app includes features such as: overview and analysis of expenses, automated expenses, (digital) loyalty cards and personalized advertising settings to receive targeted promotional offers.


To avoid using the new so-called bio-degradable plastics, in offices in events etc. you can easily go back to coffee in porcelain cups. This invention allows to wash rapidly and almost bacteriologically only with steam. For cups and mugs.

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