Winners 2018

1° – iWin
They patented an innovative window solution to integrate flexible thin film photovoltaic cells into windows blinds without compromising the design and the operation of the system. With iWin you can first protect your house from overheating in summer, reducing the energy bill and second it produces renewable electricity.


2° – I’m Back
I’m Back® was designed to bring an innovative and for long time expected solution to the fully functional but unused analog cameras that are still in the market. I’m Back® PRO aims to transform into digital your 35mm analog camera, this version has an action camera built inside an especial designed plastic polymer housing which is mounted at the back of the body of analog photo cameras. A focusing screen is mounted inside the camera body and a mirror reflects the image to the photo camera sensor inside the device, it is possible to take pictures of the focusing screen, which is the place where the image is formed. This system enables the user to shoot photos with quality and control of the depth of field (blur behind photos) with his old 35mm cameras.


3° – TicInsect
They convert the food waste stream into usable and sustainable feed ingredients through insect farming. The real challenge here is to develop a system to farm and then transform these insects in large quantities, with consistent quality and in a safe way. For this reason, TicInsect has developed an innovative automated process that allows all of the above with the optimization of workforce and substantial energy/emissions savings.


4° – Iridis
Is an innovative startup developing Artificial Intelligence solutions for manufacturing companies who want to increase their production quality and productivity while reducing the cost of non-quality. They support customers in their transition to the Industry 4.0.


5° – TellTheHotel
It is a startup delivering chatbot solutions for hotels and hotels chains, serving guests before, during, and after their stay. By integrating with hotel official websites and the mostly used chatting apps (Facebook messenger, Whatsapp), we allow guests to book, buy extra services, and get required infos about the hotel without leaving their favourit instant messaging chat.