Winners 2021

1st – InkVivo

InkVivo combines natural biomaterials and 3D printing to manufacture innovative medicines. These drugs are administered locally after surgery and ensure a controlled and prolonged dosage over time, maximizing the therapeutic effect of analgesics and reducing the possibility of side effects.


2nd – PepperZone

The powerful computers of gamers have everything a software needs to function: space, computing power and connectivity. Now their owners will be able to make these resources available to others and be remunerated for it. Users download and install the application on their computers and in this way they can immediately start sharing the excess power, which is used when they are not playing.


3 ° – talent4gig

It is about a global Data-Driven platform that connects the right professional skills to the best job opportunity. The artificial intelligence of Talent4gig allows you to verify the skills of candidates, while solving the needs of companies and those looking for a job. Candidates can test their skills in a playful way, and then show their achievements to attract the right companies.


4th – DolcePack

It offers a modern and versatile machine for packaging products in flexible and recyclable bags. The developed technology saves time and energy during packaging and significantly reduces the space required to pack the same quantity of products compared to others
machinery. At the same time, it requires limited maintenance.


5th – Arcadia (+ audience award)

Arcadia selects bacteria safe for humans and the environment capable of transforming demolition, mining and wood waste into useful objects of any shape, such as bio-cement blocks, bricks, tables, tiles and even houses made of recycled wood.

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