Winners 2022

1st – AliperTherapeutics

Startup founded as a spinoff of the Institute for Research in Oncology (IOR) in Bellinzona, with the aim of developing pharmacological treatments for prostate cancer. It proposes a drug composed of bacteria that can help standard therapies work better and delay the development of severe forms of the disease.


2nd – AQUAtryp®

Innovative spray for treating chronic wounds. It is the first spray formulation of a mixture of enzymes that work by cleaning the wound before subsequent treatments. Being derived from waste from the fish industry, it ensures low raw material costs and is the most cost-effective option on the market.


3rd – ZARIO

Digital wellness platform that combines psychology and gamification in daily challenges aimed at helping users live a digitally balanced life, reducing and replacing screen time and cultivating healthy habits in an engaging and motivating process.


4th – GiPSy

Buoy-drone remotely manoeuvrable via a Web-App and able to maintain its position without anchor thanks to two battery-powered electric motors. It was launched in April 2022 and has already been sold and hired at more than 35 national and international events in 6 different countries.


5th and audience award – Revozona

It uses ozone gas – a strong oxidant capable of removing dirt and unwanted colours from fabrics – to clean the materials from which the fashion industry makes garments. Revozona equipment saves 90% of CO2 and water emissions and over 40% of energy and chemicals.

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