Ticino: the ideal habitat for startups

Ticino is a relatively small, human-scale region, where the distances between entrepreneurship and institutions are short and where the skills and contacts with companies, or academic institutions, are facilitated by proximity. Ticino is a Canton that looks at innovation and strongly supports entrepreneurship and good ideas. Setting up a company in Canton Ticino means having access to the benefits provided by the law for economic innovation (LInn), easily entering the network of contacts of the RIS (Regional Innovation System), and easily accessing the facilities provided for startups.
In this context, where the person is the center of the project, Boldbrain is one of the few programs aimed at startups in the embryo phase, the only one in Ticino and the only one that is not aimed at a specific sector of activity. Boldbrain provides useful tools and basic skills to start the journey and to tackle the next stages. Boldbrain also provides access to a network of investors thanks to the organization, in Lugano, of the Investor Day, dedicated in particular to those who participated in the program of the previous year.

Specific incentives for startups

The Office of Economic Development financially supports the startups that have been accepted by Innosuisse’s startup coaching program, and those that have successfully completed other federal acceleration programs.

Tax breaks for innovative startups

Innovative startups that meet the requirements established by Ticino’s cantonal Tax Law can benefit, since January 1, 2018, from tax breaks. The 10 finalists of Boldbrain Startup Challenge, which are already incorporated, are also eligible for such tax breaks. In order to facilitate access to venture capital, individuals resident in Ticino who invest (e.g. purchase of shares) in innovative startups based in the Canton can also benefit from special tax treatment.

Thanks to these incentives, Ticino has become one of the most attractive Cantons in Switzerland for the foundation and the development of innovative startups.


Cantonal tax benefits for innovative startups (IT)