A good idea alone is not enough!  There are a lot of good ideas out there, but the real difference is made by people and their business model!

Boldbrain provides you many coaches: these are professionals with different backgrounds, active in the local business world. They will guide you through the definition of your objectives, in the realization of the business plan, and in the preparation of a presentation of your idea to a heterogeneous public (pitch).

The coaches are available to the team for free, within the limits of a defined budget. The selected participants are therefore required to actively and positively contribute to the collaboration with them.

Cooperation primarily must be based on your willingness to learn, only this way the relationship with your coaches will guarantee the best possible return. The punctuality in the delivery of the requested documents must be respected and will represent a fundamental aspect. The result of your collaboration will lead to the strategic improvement of your business project that will allow you access to the subsequent selection phases.