AliperTherapeutics wins the fifth edition

At the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano, the final of the fifth edition took place. Among the finalists, AliperTharapeutics, a start-up created as a spinoff of the Institute for Research in Oncology (IOR) in Bellinzona with the aim of developing pharmacological treatments for prostate cancer, won the first prize from the national jury. The audience prize was instead awarded to Revozona, which also won fifth place from the jury. Using a special ozone gas process to clean raw fabrics, it saves 90% in CO2 emissions and water use and reduces the use of energy and chemicals by 40%. In second place was AQUAtryp®, in third place ZARIO, and in fourth place GiPSy, which also won a special prize from Hemargroup. The Agire Foundation awarded its desks at the Tecnopolo Ticino, for one year, to FormidAbile, Revozona and Zario.