About us

Fondazione Agire | Tecnopolo Ticino
Stabile Suglio, Via Cantonale 18
CH – 6928 Manno
+4191 610 27 10

With co-operation of
Centro Promozione Start-Up USI
Via Carlo Maderno 24
CH – 6900 Lugano
+4158 666 41 64

Become the most recognized acceleration program in Switzerland for early stage startups.


  • to attract promising startups from all over Switzerland, and possibly from abroad, and enabling them to be established in Ticino, with all the related potential benefits for the region in terms of qualified jobs and tax revenues;
  • to promote the Ticino region as a fertile ground for innovation and the establishment of businesses with growth potential, attracting new investors as well;
  • to give the winners visibility and recognition in Switzerland, increasing therefore funding opportunities;
  • to introduce the Ticino Regional Innovation System (RIS) and its actors (AGIRE Foundation, CP Start-Up, Cantonal support measures, etc.).